More than one-third of energy is consumed in buildings worldwide, accounting for about 15 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. In cities, buildings can account for up to 80 percent of CO2 emissions. The built environment is therefore a critical part of the climate change problem – and solution. Most existing buildings were not designed for energy efficiency, but by retrofitting with up-to-date products, technologies and systems, a typical building can realize significant energy savings. Improving the energy efficiency of buildings is a priority for reducing both greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs.

Fossil fuels are the source of most of our energy today and account for about 60 percent of greenhouse gas emissions globally. Electricity and heat are the major contributors, generating about 25 percent of the world total.

PRO’s Clean Energy program develops projects using technologies that will deliver clean energy on a significant scale by 2020 and have long-term commercial potential.

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